All lip scrubs are scented and are made with 100% granulated sugar, natural cosmetic-grade mica for color, cosmetic-grade flavoring oils that are edible for scent and flavor and grapeseed oil for moisture and hydration.  

They are the right texture for exfoliating the lips.  Ingredients include: Grapeseed Oil, edibleoil-based flavorings and mica for color. 

Birthday Cake is the only lip scrub without Mica.
Caramel Frappe & CinnnaBon lip scrubs are made with 100% organic brown sugar


These come in 4oz and 10oz jars.  

You can fill up to 22 5g containers with the 4oz jar

And you can fill up to 55 5g containers with the 10oz jar

WholeSale 4oz-10oz Lip Scrubs in Jars