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All colors are dispersed in castor oil to hold substance and distributes the color evenly throughout your projects. It consists of High-pigmented mica powder so there is pearlescence in this pigment. It is natural and can be used on skin and body. It is High-pigmented so that means a little goes a long way. Use more for a darker color.


Here is a brief description of each color:

British Rose

This color is a cross between hot pink and red.


Choco Caramel

This color is a medium brown and resembles chocolate and caramel since it can go back and forth between light and medium brown.



This color resembles the color of an eggplant.


Pretty Pink

This color is like the color of a pink Starburst.



This color is a typical orange and resembles the color of a pumpkin.



This color is a a light gold and resembles the color of a solid honey tone.



This color is dark Teal in the bottle but can be lighter with just a few drops.


Sky Blue

This color is exactly how it sounds. It is sky blue.



Liquid Pigments

  • Shake well before each use to evenly distribute color throughout the bottle. 

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